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The Big Five-Oh (and Eeh-Oh-Oh-Oh!)

Monday, March 10th, 2008

I’ll turn 50 years old in 21 days from this writing. Fifty — it’s less imposing when it’s spelled out I think. So what’s the big deal? Most every friend I have who’s passed the mark makes a big deal out of it, throwing a huge party and enduring countless lame pokes at his/her vitality. (One buddy of mine received a case of Depends “adult insurance” diapers at his office from an unknown source. Hah hah, I’m laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants. Good thing I’m wearing one of those things.)

Caroline bought us two tickets to see the Police and Elvis Costello at the Hollywood Bowl on May 28th, a fantastic gift. By the time the show rolls around, I’ll already be past the mark. But I’ll be up in my seat singing along at the top of my lungs, being glad I applied extra Polydent to my dentures and wearing a fresh pair of Depends. (OK, now I’m starting to annoy myself.) Really, it’ll be a treat to relive the glorious ’80s when I was a college boy and still trying to wear my hair like Sting. I have more than he does now. Hah! I’ll have to dust off Message In A Bottle and Walking On The Moon (hence “eeh-oh-oh-oh”), two pieces I played countless times in cover bands in my UC Santa Barbara days. Getting Andy’s guitar sound is hard. Especially after you’ve long since lost all of your precious effects boxes. Hmm, now where’s that chorus pedal?