That One

I don’t know about you but I’m still pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming. Can it be that our country’s eight-year nightmare is finally coming to an end? I stayed up until almost 2:00 AM this morning poring over websites and the TV news channels just to make sure. I think it’s now safe to say that Barack Obama really will be our President come January 14, 2009.

It was eight years ago today that my wife and I awoke to a very different and very grim reality. We were in Windsor, England, on the final few days of a long European vacation. We sat in our hotel overlooking Windsor Castle, watching British news coverage of the 2000 presidential election. Oh, what a sad day that was, knowing that the country we were returning to was about to take a very serious turn for the worse. If I had only known how bad, I probably would have figured out a way to extend our expat vacation another, say, four years!

Looking back on the past two terms, I realize that all my children have ever known about the Presidency and the US political process has been distilled through my mutterings and rantings over the idiocies and deceits of the Bush administration. Hopefully, my cynicism and disdain haven’t completely turned them off to politics, but they are still small children susceptible to the influences of their parents more than anything else. Perhaps now they’ll see a new side… They’ll see dad finally show some enthusiasm and pride in our government. And they’ll no doubt see me smiling while our new President gives his inaugural address next January. Now there’s change for you!

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