Full Lunar Eclipse

The day started with rain and, for Southern California, a bitter cold of 48 degrees. I had to wear a sweater — imagine. After a hectic day at my desk, I was glad to be driving home. The stars were out and I had some good tunes on the CD player. But all the way I had a vague sense that I was missing something, so with about 5 miles to go my cell phone rang. It was Tristan calling to remind me that tonight was a full lunar eclipse and I was “missing it”. So I pulled into the dark parking lot next to Malibu Seafood (best food deal in town, BTW) and turned the car around to watch. There it was, a nearly full moon, blood red and ghostly, hovering half way up the eastern sky.

I love stargazing. I’ve been fascinated with astronomy and the space program all my life. But whenever I have a quiet moment like this to myself, I invariably start hearing the voices of old school teachers and narrators (think Carl Sagan) intoning on the scientific aspects of the event. “The red patina is the result of excess pollution in the Earth’s atmosphere, made all the more garish by the light of the nearby city…”

But tonight I just told the narrator to shut up and let me have a quiet few minutes to enjoy it.

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