Farewell to a Summer That Wasn’t

Gray!The image accompanying this post serves as my visual for the summer of 2010: The Summer That Wasn’t. While it was still a fun-filled two months, we never really saw a decent stretch of sunny weather in Malibu. We were socked-in virtually nonstop. And the water temperature never really climbed out of the mid-50’s either. I can remember summers not too long ago where you had to wear shades constantly and you could get in the water without a full wetsuit. ¬†Ah, those were the days. So while other parts of the country sweltered and even inland areas nearby had bright blue skies daily, we lived in a giant gray sack day in and day out. Is the climate changing? Is this somehow a sign that global warming is starting to show itself? I’m no meteorologist, so I’ll not offer an opinion beyond, “Man, this sucks.”

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