Back Online and Happy 2009

Just after my last post, a routine system update to the Zumajim server hosed the network portion of the system, leaving this blog inaccessible. Perhaps that was fortuitous timing, since Christmas was one of the busiest ever. We spent the day normally enough, driving 100+ miles to visit both sides of the family. The kids are happy with their new iPod Touches, I’m three pounds heavier — not bad for this time of year. As always, Christmas went by in a blur. Most of the malls have already taken down their trees and decorations. I’m fine with that. Maybe one of these years we’ll celebrate it in true pagan fashion: Far away from the big city and giving thanks just for being able to keep warm. Maybe that mountain cabin in Big Bear…

The following Sunday we took off for a few days in Las Vegas, where if you like to see lots of bright, glittering lights, you’re in heaven. Stayed at the Mandalay Bay which was pretty nice. We were on the 60th floor overlooking the strip. (In Vegas, it helps to ask for an upgrade for just about everything… seating, meals, hotel rooms, etc.) We spent two full days just wandering the strip and ogling all of the amazing hotels. Nothing on Earth is more artificial and contrived than Las Vegas, and that’s its beauty.

I finally had some time to debug my server and got it back online. Zumajim runs on Fedora Linux, which can be a little too bleeding edge at times. Keeps you on your toes though.

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