Who’ll Start the Rain?

I’ve blogged before about the year-round fire season that we live in here in Southern California. If you ever needed proof that the global climate is getting warmer, move here. We haven’t had a decent rain spell in over three years, and even then, it was only during one month of the year. The part that really kills me is that you can count on the hated Santa Ana winds to kick in literally the day after the rain subsides. Thus, in the course of a few days, we go from drenched and muddy to hot and arid, even in the “winter” months. The rains now behave like ocean waves: They sweep in quickly and then just as quickly they recede, then the winds kick in and continue for a week and undo all of the good that the rain has brought.

As a kid, I remembered it raining periodically throughout the year. Not so anymore. My kids don’t even own raincoats. For them, a day of rain is a brief, distracting freak show.

I guess anywhere you live on the planet, the weather has its way of getting in your face. Ours just happens to be one of the more brutal ways: At this time last year we saw a wildfire torch parts of Malibu around Pepperdine University. We lost about 30 homes in that one. This afternoon I’m watching live coverage of a wildfire consuming Montecito, another beachside enclave near Santa Barbara. Over 100 homes have been destroyed so far and the pundits are saying it’ll be closer to 500 homes when the flames have subsided. God bless all those who lost their homes, and all the brave firefighters trying to save what’s left.

Seattle is looking better all the time.

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