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Sad News: RIP Lynne Seemayer

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Sad to report the passing of Lynne Westmore Bloom (nee Seemayer), the artist who painted the famous Pink Lady of Malibu over a Malibu Canyon Road tunnel back in 1966. (A previous post on this blog goes into more detail on my obsession with this famous piece of guerilla art.) I’ve been researching the Pink Lady story for years and always wanted to meet the brave, crazy woman who painted her, but alas.

Every time I drive Malibu canyon, I make sure to look up and check on the Lady. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but her outline seems to become more distinct as time goes by, seemingly reemerging from beneath the shroud of beige paint that was used to cover her up. It’s as if the spirit of the Lady is trying to say, “I’m still here!” If it was up to me, the Pink Lady would be completely restored and declared a state monument. Malibu’s own Mt. Rushmore! Rest in peace, Lynne Seemayer.

Here’s an obituary for Lynne from the Los Angeles Times:

Late Breaking: And some cool local news regarding a tribute that was paid to Lynne recently by projecting the image of the Lady on the original rock face! Sadly, I did not know it was happening and missed it:


The Last Good Day in America

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

So the question, on the eve of the Presidential Inauguration of the least qualified individual to ever seek the office and who’s name shall not be mentioned here, is what to do to pass the time until he leaves office? For I’m certain he can’t make four full years. He doesn’t even really want the job. He just wants the attention. Now he can finally look down his nose at the Wall Street bullies who never accepted him into their little club and feel redeemed. But after that? Why stick around Washington? Such a dull, drab little place filled with gray, boring little people. But I digress. What to do to pass the time? Gotta ponder that some more.