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Amgen Tour of California comes through town

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Passing through the intersection of Kanan Road and Mullholland Drive.

Today we caught a glimpse of the annual Amgen Tour of California as it wove through the mountains above Malibu. We drove up Kanan Road to the Mulholland intersection for a look. This was the final stage of the eight day race. While I’m not a big fan of cycling, I have to admit it has its moments: You see a lot of colorful guys in space helmets and mirror shades whiz by to the sound of cowbells and cheering. And then they’re gone.

Last year we had a closer look at the whole deal in Solvang where they held the time trial stage. The time trials are held over a closed loop route so the racers start and finish in the same area. This affords a much closer look at the riders and all of the support that the tour requires. Hopefully next year they’ll move it back there again.

You’re probably aware of all the steroid controversy surrounding professional cycling, if not other sports. Hardly anyone is surprised anymore when a rider is banned for juicing these days. It’s just a little weirder when the company that created the racer’s drug of choice (EPO or Epogen) also sponsors a major sporting event. Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll see British Petroleum sponsoring a surf contest.


Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Every now and then you spot something out of the corner of your eye that makes you do a double-take, and that maybe brings a smile to your face. Here’s a “prime” example. (And I promise to keep the puns to a minimum from here on.)

This PCH home near the infamous Moonshadows restaurant features a small corral on the roof, home to one life-size plastic Holstein.

Just one question: Is that pole-mounted camera for watching the waves or for keeping an eye on the “range”? Never know when them Malibu cattle rustlers will strike.