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RIP Emily

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

EmilyIt’s been nearly two weeks now since little Emily Shane was struck and killed by a crazed motorist near the corner of PCH and Heathercliff Road on April 3rd. The roadside shrine in her memory is still there — a large bed of flowers, pictures and handwritten cards. I drive by it and have to look every time. Soon, the flowers will be gone and there will only be the ragged patch of iceplant where she died. But she’ll live on in our hearts. Earlier on the day she died, I had spotted her with a couple of pals walking near the very spot, on her way to a friend’s home to hang out. I was checking to see if my own son was with them.

Emily’s memorial gathering at the Malibu West beach club was heartbreaking. The small room, scene of so many happier memories, was packed to the walls with well wishers young and old, most of whom knew one another. I brought my young son. It was the first such event he’d ever attended. He took it pretty well although I don’t think the reality of losing a friend had set in yet.

Emily’s dad spoke eloquently at the memorial, challenging all in the room to do a good deed in his daughter’s name. I’ve made it my resolve to do more than one. The world needs and we all deserve a little more kindness. Rest well, dear Emily. Do a little tap dance for God when you get a chance.