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Ah Summer…

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

With the school year finally ending last week, we now embark on our brief, wonderful summer vacation. The usual June gloom has been staying away for the most part — surprisingly, the weekends have been clear and warm thus far. The water is inching up to an almost-tolerable 65 degree average. That’s as good as we can expect for our area of the coast. The boogie boards are stacked in the driveway. The surf is spotty but we’ve had some decent swells in the past week.

Not much else going on in Malibu. (I’m starting to sound like Garrison Keillor!) We don’t particularly care for the new shopping plaza built on the site of the former Malibu Lumberyard, but that’s OK. Let the tourists come and buy their $200 cargo pants. Summer in Malibu is about the beach and taking it easy. So excuse me, I’ve got to get busy doing as little as possible.