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Back from Borrego

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Spent a week down in Borrego Springs to get away from the noise and commotion of the holidays. (Well, at least that was the idea.) A relative lets us use his little vacation house on the outskirts of town a couple of times a year, so we like to visit in the spring and fall. (Summers get a little on the toasty side so we stay home.)

The Anza Borrego desert can do the soul a world of good. It’s a great place to decompress: Vast, wild, and silent. There isn’t a single traffic light in the whole town. You can hike for miles in the foothills without seeing another soul. The town itself is well-stocked with a wide assortment of desert types: Artists, bikers, hermits and weirdos of all kinds. The only local scene is a wonderfully dumpy bar and grill called Carlee’s, right in the center of town off the “Christmas Circle” roundabout. If you’re in Borrego on a Friday night, Carlee’s is the place to be. Just don’t raise a fuss about the food prices because, as they’ll proudly tell you, they don’t care what you paid for it in San Diego.

Borrego is like a Palm Springs that never grew up. ┬áIf you’ve never heard of the place, you should know that the locals like it that way. They are (quite reasonably) protective of this little town. I for one hope it never “grows up.”

Well, in any case we’re home now. Malibu is not quite as lit up as usual for the holidays this year. Perhaps a sign of “these troubled economic times” (like that’s an issue with the average resident here!)

Bring on Christmas.